Delivery to Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore

Your wines are legally shipped to you through Burgundy Online.


Minimum order of 6 bottles and/or 3 magnums.


When you first visit the Marché aux Vins website, the prices indicated includes 20% of French taxes. For the delivery of our wines to Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore, we take off these taxes and we add insurances (proportional of the goods value) and the shipping cost depending of your total amount of bottles and possibly magnums and Jeroboams. On the Marché aux Vins website, when you view your shopping cart after starting or finishing your selection, you are prompted to enter the name of your country by clicking « Calculate shipping ». Please select your country (and your Delivery Prefecture for Japan, for example: Fukuoka) and click on the “Update” button.

From there, the prices of the products you have selected in the shopping cart page are VAT-free but already include the insurance costs for delivery. On the other hand, the prices displayed in the store remain French VAT include. On the cart page you find the total of the insurance at the right of the total amount of your order (includes X€ Insurance).
If you wish, you can complete your order by pressing the top left button« Continue shopping ». When you will go back to the cart page, shipping fees will be automatically updated.

Once your selection is complete, you must « Proceed to checkout », and then complete the billing details and possibly set a billing address different from the delivery address. After having read and accepted the general conditions of sale, you validate your order by pressing the « Place order » button.

Rem: With this system you benefit of a decreasing unit transport costs for your delivery. Prices are exclusive of taxes and shipping costs are fixed costs per unit. The higher the value of a wine, the better the price delivered to your home compared to the market in your country. The best prices with no middle men!


The delivery fees door to door does not includes cleared through customs (DAP). You will be contacted (payment link by Email) when your order arrives in your country, to pay the import formalities as well as customs duties and taxes before the final delivery. (see below for conditions and estimate of customs fees of your country).


The 3D secure payment system guarantees you the best service.
However, your bank takes a lot of precautions, especially for payments on behalf of a foreign company. We recommend you to create your customer account before proceeding to the payment of your order in order to save the contents of your cart.  You should check the “Create an account?” box under the input field of your email address.

If on your first try the payment is rejected, you must contact your bank to allow the transaction before a second try. You can then retrieve your selection from your customer account history.


Our carrier reserves the right to store your order in its thermoregulated warehouse if it considers that the temperatures in France or in the destination country are not appropriate for delivery.


Shipping costs are calculated by multiple of 6 bottles, 3 magnums and 1 jeroboam. Incomplete cases are billed as full.
For example : If you buy from 1 to 6 bottles, you pay the shipping fee for 6 bottles. If you ship 7 bottles you will pay delivery for 12 bottles.

A case of wine cannot mix bottles, magnums and / or jeroboams – The shipping costs of the different formats are estimated separately and added together for billing.
For example : If you buy 4 bottles and 2 magnums, you will pay the shipping fee for 6 bottles and 3 magnums.

To optimize your shipping costs, you must order a multiple of 6 bottles and/or 3 magnums.

Express delivery by air or marine thermoregulated

The shipping and insurance are collected by the Marché aux Vins during the payment of your order.


  • Delivery fees :  includes order verification and preparation for export, export documentation and international air transport and door-to-door delivery.


  • Insurance: these fees cover breakage, loss and wine specific damage like seepage during transit. Please open your cases immediately upon delivery and contact us by e-mail with photos within 36 hours if you have any concerns. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


  • Timing: From the time your order is picked up by the carrier, the delivery time is estimated from 1 to 2 weeks. Please note that final delivery cannot be arranged until you reply to the carrier’s confirmation email and pay the import formalities, duties and taxes required by your country customs.


  • Protecting your wines : Burgundy Online is a specialists in legally shipping wines; therefore, it will take every needed precaution to avoid any risk of damage during transit due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Communication:

You will receive an email from Burgundy Online when they have registered your order and a second one when your wines are ready to leave France.

If you do not hear from our carrier within 3 weeks of placing your order, please contact us to verify that your order has been registered and that we have a valid email address.

Please check your spam in case our emails from did not make it to your inbox. The US team of the carrier can be reached at 503 469 8557 if you have any questions.

Customs Fees

Conditions by country of destination     


  • By validating your order, you confirm that you have read and accepted our delivery terms and that you agree to pay the amount required by the customs of the destination country before the delivery of your order.
  • Import formalities, duties and taxes: These fees must be paid at the time of customs clearance of your order.

We cannot give you the exact amount, but here is an estimate for your country:

Japan : about 8% VAT and excise duties are quite low.

Hong Kong : No duty or tax.

Singapore : approximately 88 SGD per litre of pure alcohol for excise duty and 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Note: These taxes do not include import formalities. We are not responsible if the amount charged is different, if there are additional charges or if local legislation changes.

  • Payment of customs fees: You will receive by email a link allowing you to pay by credit card. Please check your messages and spam regularly in case this email is directed to this folder.
  • Final delivery is planned once upon import fees have been paid with customs of your country.

Wines, champagnes and containers

Delivery of our range of wines, champagnes in different formats<

IMPORTANT: A case of wine cannot mix bottles, magnums and / or jeroboams (3 L) – Different formats are not combined but calculated separately for billing and delivery. The shipping costs of the different containers are added together to reach at the shipping costs. Incomplete wine cases are calculated and billed to the next highest unit count..

To optimize your shipping costs, you must order a multiple of 6 bottles and/or 3 magnums.

Delivery conditions of certain products 

Mathusalems must be packaged on wood pallet and require a specific quote. It is not possible to order these items on the site of the Marché aux Vins. Please contact us for a quotation.

Wooden box delivery is not possible on the site of the Marché aux Vins. Please note that in the case of a special offer with the free wooden box, the wines will be delivered to you in reinforced export carton wine boxes.

Champagne’s delivery requires the establishment of a Certificate of Origin with an additional charge of €10 per order, regardless of the number of references ordered.

We cannot ship alcohol but only intermediate products with an alcohol content of less than 21°, such as blackcurrant cream or Burgundy ratafia.

If you want to ship products with a unit value greater than €3,000 excl. tax, please contact us to obtain a special quotation (delivery will be on pallet only).

Special sizes: Some bottles, due to their shape, require special packaging with an increased cost of transport. You cannot order them on the website.

Note: On our website, when you select in your cart an item that cannot be ordered for your destination, you get the following message:

No shipping options were found for x, y..
Enter a different address