Pastis-B-A-R JO, Distillerie Clos Saint-Joseph
Pastis-B-A-R JŌ, Clos Saint-Joseph
11 May 2022
Blackcurrant liqueur, Distillerie Clos Saint-Joseph
Blackcurrant liqueur, Clos Saint-Joseph
11 May 2022
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Mirabelle brandy, Clos Saint-Joseph


Delicacies of the end of the meal

After 4 years in Grasse in the world of perfumery, Charles-Guillaume and Blandine Simon created their craft company in 2014. Burgundians of origin, they have reconverted the Clos Saint-Joseph, a very old trading house abandoned for more than 50 years in the heart of Meursault. This small family business offers an exceptional range of spirits combining tradition and modernity.

The mirabelles that come from the orchard of Clos Saint Joseph, were spent for several days before starting the fermentation on healthy fruits. The natural yeasts performed a magnificent fermenting work over several weeks. The distillation in Meursault concentrated the aromas that aging under veil over several months allowed to sublimate.

Tasting :
This Mirabelle brandy exudes a sweet scent of ripe fruit, with a nice length and a nice balance. We find a gourmet pastry side.

Pairing :
Served cold, this liqueur will close your holiday meals on a sweet and fragrant note.

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Distillery Clos Saint-Joseph


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